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Recognizing the Function of Sensory Nerves and Their Disorders

The function of sensory nerves is as a nerve network in charge of receiving stimulation from outside the body into the muscles, glands, and skin. This allows the body to respond accordingly to the stimuli provided. Sensory nerves are responsible for touch stimuli, temperature or pain. Sensory nerves belong to the peripheral nervous system or peripheral nervous system. In contrast to the central nervous system found in the brain and spinal cord, the peripheral nervous system is outside of these two locations. Somatosensory System Talking about the function of sensory nerves, there is something called the somatosensory system. This system is part of the sensory system. With this system, you will realize when there are stimuli from outside. Stimuli in the form of touch, movement, vibration, pressure, position changes, pain and temperature, received from the skin, muscles, and joints. The journey of this stimulus to get to the brain through a long process. Parts of the spinal cord a
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Different Types of Scarring on the Skin and How to Overcome It

Scarring is part of the wound healing process, which can arise for a variety of reasons. Can be caused by smallpox scars, wounds from acne, burns, to post-operative wounds. Many factors affect the occurrence of scarring, ranging from depth, breadth, to the location of the wound. Scarring is formed when there is significant skin damage that changes the normal skin tissue in recovery. Age, heredity and gender factors also influence how the skin reacts to respond to wounds. Scarring Is Affected by Various Factors There are many factors that affect the appearance of scarring on the skin. Scar tissue that grows can also have different shapes, depending on the type of injury that causes it. The following are some common types of scarring: Keloids Keloids are scar tissue that is formed excessively due to injuries to the skin, and its size can exceed the size of the wound that causes it. Generally, keloids appear due to acne scars, ear piercing, chicken pox scars, postoperative scars

Get to know Troponin and how it relates to heart attacks

Troponin is a protein molecule that is released into the bloodstream when heart muscle is damaged due to a heart attack or serious heart disease. Troponin tests are often performed to diagnose a heart attack or other condition that can cause heart damage. Proteins that are part of the heart muscle and skeletal muscle consist of troponin I, troponin T, and troponin C. In a heart attack, there are blood clots that block blood flow and oxygen to the heart muscle. Without oxygen, heart muscle cells will die and release troponin into the bloodstream. The more damage there is in the heart, the greater the amount of troponin T and I in the blood How Does Troponin Affect Heart Attack? In healthy people, troponin levels in the blood are generally not detected because they are so low. If there is an increase, even just a little, already shows some damage to the heart. And when a person's troponin level increases a lot, they are more likely to have a heart attack. In people who have a

Causes of itchy armpits and how to overcome them

Generally itchy armpits can subside on their own. But itchy armpits caused by certain causes such as fungal or bacterial infections, if left unchecked can be difficult to overcome. To deal with this condition, proper detection of the underlying causes is needed. Armpits are easily irritated parts of the body. In part, because the armpit is one of the warmest and most moist areas of the body. In this section there are lymph nodes, many sweat glands, and hair follicles. Itchy armpits can be accompanied by a rash that makes the skin look white and scaly or bumpy and reddish. The rash that is one of the causes of armpit itching can last for several months or only a few hours. The long-lost rash is usually caused by a skin condition or lifestyle. While it is caused by hot weather, it can disappear quickly. Possible Causes of Itchy Armpits In order to get the right treatment, it is important to find out the cause of itchy armpits by seeing a dermatologist. Check out some of the possibl

Stomach Sound, This Is the Cause and Remedy

Embarrassed by a loud stomach in the middle of a meeting or discussion? Stomach sounds are generally caused by hunger, the entry of air into the intestine, as well as several medical conditions that affect the digestive system. Check out the explanation of the various causes of stomach sounds and how to overcome them. Borborygmi. That is the medical term given to stomach sounds, aka stomach growl, when we feel hungry. But apparently, stomach sounds not only occur when we are hungry, but also when food is being digested or when there is a lot of air in the digestive tract. Come on, we will dig deeper into this natural phenomenon. Various Causes of Stomach Sound Stomach sounds generally occur because of the following four things: Digested food Stomach sounds are more often caused by movements of food, fluid, and air that moves in our intestines. Most of the walls of our digestive tract consist of layers of muscle. When we eat, the muscles in the intestinal wall contract to flow f